Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This is a photo I took of the Tang Dynasty Dancers in X'ian in 2001. Our guide, before we went to the dumpling dinner and performance, said to me, "Oh, you'll like this. They're bombs!" She meant "bombshells". Its a great performance which I will be seeing for the third time on this trip. In 2002 I returned for my second time bringing with me photos (including this one) that I had taken the year before. I presented them to the troupe, and they took me backstage and then sat me at a table in front where I could literally rest my camera on the stage.
I have previously been to Shanghai, Beijing, Lijiang, and X'ian. I plan to again take copies of photos with me to give to people I may encounter again: performers, shopkeepers, etc. I hope this will facilitate some nice people-to-people encounters.

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