Saturday, November 14, 2009


As indicated by the previous post, I couldn't access my blog while in China. Nothing personal, all blogs are blocked. At one hotel I couldn't even get out of the country on the Internet. At another in Shangri-La, where the predominant ethnic minority is Tibetan, there was a notice in the hotel cautioning any kind of criticism of the Communist Regime. At still another, we had to use our passport number as a "password" to get on the Internet. Presumably, our emails were being read by Chinese officials.

Then upon our return a virulant bacterial infection kept me bedridden until yesterday (11/13/09). I won't call it a conspiracy to keep me silent. So only now have I had the energy to update this blog.

I won't repeat a description of the dismay I experienced with the changes in China since I was last there. For this go back to my main blog: